Naruto dating temari fanfiction

In naruto and naruto shippuden both naruto is attracted towards sakura it is in the movie naruto:the last that naruto realizes that hinata loves him a lot and he also has similar feelings for her and their love story blooms. Naruto smiledsure sakura you can do that sakura smiledso lets go then and you can meet my friends to naruto just nodded and both walked out of class towards cafeteria, after some min they arrive to cafeteria and sakura show naruto where her friends table was and both walked towards table where rest of her friends was. The place to find stories of all shapes, types and sizes where uzumaki naruto and sabuka no gaara interact platonic, rivals, or something more, all stories welcomed with open arms after all, only those who house demons can truly understand the other. Temari of konoha nice ring to it you'd get to be with that lazy chunin i teased what's his name shikamaru temari said that's him i saw the sparks i grinned she turned into a sputtering mess what i d-do not like shikamaru sure you don't i winked i don't temari yelled getting defense, are we i teased s-shut up temari shouted. You ended up in naruto and will now begin your crazy adventure with your favorite characters and maybe some boys will end up falling for you when i say some boys i mean all the boys.

3 the dating game » by luvpanda1996 [tłumaczenie the dating game - randomteenager] poznajcie uchihę sasuke, najgorętszego playboya w konoha high poznajcie nową uczennicę haruno sakurę, byłą playgirl, która szybko odzyskuje swój tytuł. Sickness-a naruto fanfiction fanfiction naruto is dying he has a sickness that not even kurama can heal that sickness is life threatening naruto gets sasuke to come back to the village but when sasuke collapses naruto carries him home tsunade: alright guys lets get you guys in to see naruto sasuke, temari and gaara: hai they get in. Naruto interrupted, which she grabbed his collar and asked if he was covering-up for them alternate hinata then got into a fighting position, which naruto used a transportation jutsu to get away from them, sakura following at the bath house, hinata and sakura were still arguing about if menma/naruto and sakura were dating, which sakura denied. Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination listen to official albums & more.

Rated: 1 - naruto and yukihana, kurenai, temari karin, having an energetic 13 year old boy, ino are kurenai challenge like kurenai crying as a early visit while being on seeing him percabeth dating your sensei, naruto was told the truth by peanutbutter126 what if they set to find good. For information on the upcoming part 2 of naruto fighting dirty see my profilewarningthis is a hentai flashthis is for the mature newgrounds users this flash is the fist part of a two part series. (naruto fanfiction) fanfiction hinata hyuga has recently transferred to konoha, not only is she undeniably beautiful, smart, and incredibly shy, she along with her family are trying to escape their past. Temari (naruto) tsunade (naruto) shizune (naruto) tenten (naruto) yukata (naruto) sari (naruto) now in university, sasuke is living with his childhood friends, naruto and sakura - who are happily dating, and very much in love sasuke never used to understand when people would say you cannot choose who you fall for haruno sakura.

Uzumaki naruto is an amazing ninja there is no question he's so awesome he can break time these are stories where he does: redos, 3rd war era, sannin era, clan war era, etc as long as naruto is the one doing the traveling, it's in here. You are reading gaara x naruto fanfiction naruto and gaara are best friends after the huge fight they had with the ichibi and kyuubi but now gaara is angry at naruto and naruto is not sure why. “matsuri and gaara are dating” temari smiled “cool” i replied, not really caring “what do you mean cool aren’t you jealous” she asked “i may like him temari but if gaara doesn’t like me then i’ll get over it” i said not really giving a shit temari stopped walking then watched as i walked away. Temari was ranked as the 16th most popular character in the sixth and most recent naruto character popularity poll temari was the 11th most popular character in naruto according to the fifth poll she finished 15th in the fourth poll.

Naruto dating temari fanfiction

Naruto dating temari please comment now n gaara learns the truth ino spills on shikamaru x temari - naruto shippuden: ultimate ninja storm 4 - duration: 9:43 anime games online 2,827,626 views. What if naruto was trying to escape a mob at a young age and awoke the ability to teleport, or jump, from place to place what if he decided to quit being the orange wearing idiot he was. Elizabeth fanfiction romance anime/manga may 2, 2016 (gaara x oc) friends with a demon, in love with another and one herself join kaia hyuga as she struggles to keep her team together, keep her best friend safe, and to figure out her feelings for a redhead. Temari said '' well kankuro and i will be a team '' okay then me and gaara will be a team'' naruto had a clone ready as the proctor '' alright 3,2,1 start'' the battle was on kankuro threw a smoke bomb and temari intoned '' wind style: wind scythe jutu the smoke was sent everywhere naruto quickly went to gaara and put two micro seals on him.

  • Temari tried to move her arms but it hurt because of the scorch marks naruto then healed her arms with medical ninjutsu and then she really thought about dating him ' well i might ask him a week from now' gaara then said'' now we are doing a mock battle with our jutsus.
  • In the aftermath of the konoha crash, suna's offer of political marriage between naruto and temari is accepted by the konoha council initially forced together, naruto and temari quickly grow closer but destiny has many challenges for the couple eventual unconventional temari/naruto/ino first fanfic so early chapters are quite rough.

The only good lemon in fanfiction i've seen wasn't even a naruto fic, it was a one piece fic lemons can be good if executed properly but your not likely to find any good ones, especially in a naruto fandom. Naruto anko eats temari vore anko was smiling as she walked into the forest of death to where her lover said to come to she and temari had been dating each other ever since temari turned 18. The minute they told us i'd become a rogue ninja temari said psh screw rogue ninja, i'd become kazuna of konoha i snorted, amused same temari agreed temari of konoha nice ring to it you'd get to be with that lazy chunin i teased what's his name shikamaru temari said that's him i saw the sparks i grinned.

naruto dating temari fanfiction Any naruto fanfiction with the main plot orientating around female same sex couples fan ninja bingo book [126] an area to store fanfic information, such as bios, maps, political histories.
Naruto dating temari fanfiction
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